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Infamy a level 73 guild, established in 2008, is currently accepting all classes and levels . Our play style is casual, fun and friendly. We do consider ourselves a family, and we feel that we do not just invite the character to join the guild, but the person as well. We are very chatty and use either text or voice. We have a guild hall in North Freeport with many amenities for our members to use. All we ask of our members is, always be respectful of one another. If asked, provide input in a respectful manner, and remember to listen with an open mind.

Please show up on time for raids and quest runs that you have signed up for, otherwise the raid/group will proceed without you. Remember it's nothing personal, we know your real life takes precedence and sometimes things just happen. Remember there is one leader on a run, listen to them, follow their directions and don't talk over them. Raids will be held every Tuesday and Saturday at 8pm EST, DKP is awarded as well.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, please speak with one of our recruiters in game.

Guild News

Episode 2

Necrophobia?, Jun 4, 10 11:24 AM.
The last few days have been a bit a bit of a vacation. I've been slacking off in my monster hunting skills. Although on a positive note, I now have a new protege. A little gnome bugger named Alberts. Lazy fellow just tends to follow me around and scavange loot of things i kills. AHHH he's gunna grow up to be just like me. Good lookin fella too if i might add... for a gnome anyways. Anyways i'm gunna hafta cut this short... I feel like i'm about to dissapear from the world.... it's the weirdest thing.


Breaking update!

Necrophobia?, Jun 4, 10 10:58 AM.
A late breaking update to the shirtless man incident that has been plaguing Norrath for some time now. Sources with inside knowledge have confirmed to me that the perpetrator was none other than Slaan. Now i know what you're thinking, "that guy who is always running his mouth in 1-9 chat?" and yes....that guy. Apparently after an intervention from his friends and family Slaan was convinced to put a shirt on, after he realized how much pain and suffering he had been causing people. Let this be a lesson to ya Norrath, and stay stay safe adventurers!


Boldly go where Gnome man has gone before?

Necrophobia?, Jun 2, 10 7:21 PM.
The gnome formally know as Frytz is no more. After a long night of partying with the fairies Frytz went under the to speak. You can now find him....I mean her wondering the world of Norrath under the name Efyxia. All i can say is ouch.... well stay safe Adventurers...and try to keep ur balls...if possible.



Necrophobia?, Jun 2, 10 3:37 PM.
Man refuses to wear shirt even after protest from young children and the newly blind.

    A hooded pasty man is refusing to wear a shirt after several protest, and even a few purple nurples. He can be found hanging out around the Infamy guild hall. Use caution when approaching the glare may cause a temporary loss of vision. If you see this man please report him to the nearest authorities. Thank you and stay safe out there fellow adventurers.


episode 1

Necrophobia?, Jun 2, 10 2:34 PM.

    Today has been a bit weird. I started the day hanging out with a couple of fairies... don't ask...don't tell. anyways 3s a crowd i hear. Well we went to a place where we had to hold on to this shinny gear thingy that burned our ass while we held it. why would i wanna do that. Then to make it even worse... when u have it other people try to kill you. I'm not cool with that. I spent a good portion of those fights playing dead(which is kinda what i do best) i let my little vamp lady Miss Shownuff take care off all those crazy guys...
    The two fairies seemed really into it (not in that way ya sickos!) but really running around getting smacked in the ass for a few cogs, meh... i dunno


Infamy has a new Raid Leader

Necrophobia?, Jun 2, 10 2:22 PM.
    Congratulations go out to Ryserndewo conjuror of the 77th level. As of last night Ryser was promoted to the Rank of raid leader for Infamy. This is a hectic position so everyone with Ryser the best of luck, and try to make his life a little easier when raiding. We at News Channel Norrath think that he will do an excellent job leading Infamy in it's crusade against all things deemed bad guys in Norrath.


Man trapped behind strange wall in house for hours

Necrophobia?, Jun 2, 10 1:21 PM.
Breaking news!
    In another instance of mysterious walls appearing out of no where, a man was trapped for several hours behind these walls in Infamy's guild hall. He appears to be in stable condition after the traumatic incident, but was too shaken to give a interview at the time.
    We will do our best to keep you updated on this tragic situation. Until we can find out more please avoid going AFK in the open, because, you never know when the walls may strike again.

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